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Articles of Confederation

             The Articles of Confederation is a loose binding of the states together. In the confederation there would be no king, no monarch, each state would have to fend for themselves. To become a state you would have to have at least 60,000 people, you would have to write a democratic state constitution and the new state must abolish slavery. .
             If I were to vote in the New York Assemblyman of 1787 I would have voted no just like many other people who did. I probably would have voted no because it just does not sound like a good idea. Each state fending for themselves, making laws, it just not a good diplomatic solution. If these Articles of Confederation were put into use there probably would have been a lot more civil wars in our country. I think that because one state would not have as much resources or materials as another state did so the one state would want what the other state had and that would sooner or later start a civil war. Another example is that if a state makes a law that people do not think is just or fair they will not let the state do unjust things to people so they will wind up going to war. I think that having a president was the best idea because The United States of America is one of the richest countries in the world. With the Articles of Confederation in affect I really don"t think that the United States would be a powerful country as it is today. War against other countries would play another part on why I disagree with the Articles of Confederation because everybody would be so worried about there own self-gain, who knows, the British could have planned an invasion and nobody would have been expecting that and the Americans would have not been ready. I think that they could have been defeated in another war because there still were British soldiers stationed in America because the Americans owed them money. Another thing was foreign loans. A country could have gotten tired of waiting for the Americans to pay them back so they would go to war with them for the money.

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