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A Time for Celebration

            It started on the 10th of December, it was that time of the year again, Christmas time! Ever since I turned 7 a few days earlier I couldn't wait for Christmas, I was so exited. All the presents, all the lights and decorations and even more presents. I liked shopping for Christmas because of all the bright shiny things you could buy and the decorations. .
             I went shopping with my dad a few days later and we bought presents for all the family and friends. My dad made me promise to him not to tell anyone there presents, otherwise he wouldn't take me. I had a lot of fun picking out big toy cars and Action Men. I then caught a glimpse of one of the biggest green Christmas trees I had ever seen. It was glowing with colour fairy lights, shiny baubles and sparkly tinsel. At the bottom was big presents covered in shiny sparkling wrapping paper with big red bows on them. As I gazed up and up I finally reached the top where I saw a rather ugly fairy, I was disappoint they didn't have a big yellow golden star but that only made me more determined to make my tree even better. I helped my dad pick out a tree, "this one, this one", I shouted. He thought it was a bit big but I begged him for it. We already had some decorations at home so we bought some more tinsel, shiny sparkling baubles, some shiny wrapping paper and big red bows. .
             As we walked back toward the checkout I realised that I had totally forgotten about my own present! I ran over to the shelf which had the red Ferrari model car with big shiny alloy wheels, but just as I was about to pick it up my dad stopped me and told me we would have to come back to it. I felt a bit sad, but I remembered that I had to decorate the tree when I got home so I wouldn't have time to play with the car anyway.
             When we got home I helped my sister wrap the presents. She kept bullying me to tell her what we picked out for her but I was resilient and ran upstairs to get the decorations for the tree.

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