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Dufay and Binchois and their music

            "Dufay and Binchois", 1) What does Dufay use to unify the Missa Se la fac ay pale? Missa Se la face ay pale, composed about 1450 was the first of Dufay's Masses to be based on a secular tenor. He used a cantus firmus from his own three-voiced ballade of the same name where it is used similarly. The mass is bound together in all five movements by the cantus firmus in its varied forms of integer valor (normal time values), dimunution, or augementation. The systematic usage of the tenor creates form and order and establishes a pattern.
             2)"Dufay was an Apollinian composer, not a Dionysian one" is obviously a metaphorical statement. What does it mean? Who are these names with whom he is being compared? What does this mean with regards to the composition of Missa Se la fac ay pale? This statement applies to the characteristics placed on individual composition styles that attempt to organize their creative process through analysis of the diametrically opposing views of the gods Apollo and Dionysus. Apollo was the god of peace, intellectual contemplation and logical order, and Dionysus was the god of wine and an orgiastic religion based on the power and fertility of nature. Dufay is considered an Apollinian composer because " in his music the words usually play a subservient role". The Missa Se la fac ay pale is a monument to rationality and order where cadences appear on downbeats and dissonance take into account the weak and strong beats.
             3) What ideas from isorhythmic motets did Dufay use in his later Mass compositions? What was one important difference, and what were the lasting effects from this difference? The ideas that Dufay used from isorthymic motets were the repetition of cantus firmus and the texture of the motets. The difference was that he created a real harmonic bass by keeping the second countra tenor or bassus below the cantus firmus. Because of the freedom to choose which chords were to be used above the bassus instead of the cantus firmus, Dufay was able to promote the development of four-part texture.

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