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The value of art

             Art is something that value cannot be placed upon.
             Its meaning varies from person to person, and is.
             most likely has affected them in some way or another.
             throughout their life, this varying from dance,.
             drawing, photography, to even sports. Art is very.
             valuable not only physically, as in architecture and.
             painting, but also mentally, as in expression of.
             emotions and creativity.
             Art is valuable because it allows one to tap into.
             their emotions. Many people find it difficult to.
             comfortably articulate their emotions, and for some,.
             art allows them to do so otherwise. Whether this.
             articulation be writing a letter to their loved one,.
             to creating a painting that conveys their suffering.
             and angst, it is an extremely cathartic way to express.
             how one feels. Also, some who may not be familiar or.
             comfortable with being outwardly emotional find solace.
             in their ability to be creative privately.
             Art is not solely valuable because it allows one to.
             tap into their emotions, but also because it is an.
             essential piece of our world's culture. One may even.
             say that culture is nonexistent without art. Each.
             country has its own type of art and artists, which all.
             represent eras and certain places in time for its.
             country. Each artist has their own style which.
             correlates to their culture. For example, Picasso is a.
             very strong representation of Italian culture as is.
             Monet for French culture.
             Art is valuable not only because it allows one to tap.
             into their emotions, or because it is an essential.
             piece of our world's culture, but also it is an.
             important way of documenting the past. Photographs,.
             paintings, sculpture, and the like are all examples of.
             art that have been used to represent time periods and.
             special events in the world. These pieces of artwork.
             all have assisted scientists in finding out.
             information about earlier times and to make.
             conclusions and hypothesis. For example, finding.
             paintings in caves that homosapiens had drawn to.
             support the theory of evolution, and so on.

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