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Wireless LANS

             Only a couple of generations ago, people were content enough with growing up in their small towns across the globe, and going to the local markets, schools and churches in their communities. The American dream was marrying that "special" someone they've known all their lives, and settling down in that dream home with the white picket fence around it, to start, and raise a family. Their "world" consisted of the land they lived on, the place where they worked, and the people they knew all of their lives. A person living in that bygone era would certainly have been considered as "worldly" if they chose to travel - or settle down beyond that twenty-five mile radius of the place where they were born!.
             As our world becomes a more mobile and fast-paced society - one that refuses to be anchored to any one place, to any one relationship, and certainly not to any one form of communication, I can envision a future, increasingly dependent on a wider array of "wireless-communication" choices, in order to achieve, or maintain their independence. Certainly, today's world embraces this freedom, and its ever-increasing "mobile" lifestyle. Man's ingenuity has produced (and improved) one modern marvel after another. The "basic-necessities," such as the automobile, the airplane, and even the telephone, easily facilitate (and validate) my point. .
             Over the last three decades, boons in electronic technologies - matched with economies of scale, have put a computer into billions of homes worldwide. The technological revolution - of even the last 20 years has greatly improved and refined our basic communication processes, and has also contributed to inventing entirely new media platforms. Consider the Internet, which has given anyone with a basic telephone line, the.
             ability to visit any corner of our great planet and gain new experiences; among these, the .
             possibility of tapping into an infinite supply of information - sources which were unavailable just a short time ago.

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