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wireless technology

            Wireless LAN technology is a flexible data communications system implemented as an extension to or as an alternative for, a wired LAN. Wireless LANs use Radio Frequency (RF) technology to transmit and receive data over the air which reduces the need for wired connections.
             Why Wireless??.
             Using wireless technology, users can access shared information and resources without having to physically plug into a network or host computer. IT managers can make addition to existing networks without the need to install or move wires.
             Wireless LAN's offer some advantages over traditional wired LANs, some advantages include:.
             ? Mobility .
             ? Installation Speed and Simplicity .
             ? Installation Flexibility .
             ? Reduced Cost-of-Ownership .
             ? Scalability .
             Mobility: Users can access information and resources, in real-time, anywhere in the organization granted wireless access points are active in those areas. Mobile devices provide moving flexibility not available with wired LANs.
             Installation Speed and Simplicity: Installing a wireless LAN system can be fast and more efficient due to the elimination of pulling new wires thru physical obstructions.
             Installation Flexibility: Wireless LANs can go where wired LANs cannot.
             Reduced Cost-of-Ownership: Integrating wireless LANs financially be deceiving at first. Initial investments in equipment are usually higher than the costs of traditional wired LANs. Installation and life-cycle costs are usually lower than wired LANs and the true benefits come in environments where frequent moves and changes are made to LAN setups.
             Scalability: Wireless LANs can be setup in many traditional topologies. Configurations can be changed to meet specific needs regarding installations and applications used. Configurations can range from peer-to-peer networks to full infrastructure networks.
             Real World Applications.
             Wireless LANs usually are additions to wired LANs and add flexibility to existing LANs making a wide range of applications available.

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