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            Personality is a unique, relatively enduring internal and external aspects of a person's character that influence behavior in different situation. Behavior is superficial and can be learned through training and everyday experiences. It is a channel through which people express themselves. On knowing this, the question araises, if behavior develops a personality or if personality guides behavior. .
             In order to answer this question we must examine different senerios of personalities. Behaviorists counter that you cannot pinpoint where personality is or how it is determined. Take for example a child who as been brought up in an abused home, he is more likely to be shy and reserved rather than open and affectionate. One may also say that the child will follow in the footsteps of the abuser. Regardless it is believed that personality is correlated with behavior. .
             Personality is learned and often changed according to environmental experiences and situations. A person can change his or her personality by rearranging their experiences and situation, for example a shy person can be taught to be outgoing. .
             Unlike behavior personality does not require support of the social society. .
             To understand personality Hans Eysenck came up with three basic traits of personality: introversion- extraversion, neuroticism, and psychoticism. Extraversion people are sociable, outgoing, talkative, and easygoing, whereas introverts are the opposite. Calm, even-tempered, low self esteem, moody, and touchy would be the characteristics of neuroticism. And finally the traits that psychoticism people posses are egocentric, aggressive, impulsive, and highly creative. .
             The major personality I pose is introverts because I seem to draw distance my self from others, like to work quietly alone, and participate in activities, which involve few or no other people. I prefer privacy and a sedate environment in which I live and work. My behavior is differently depending on what the situation is and among who I am with for example, friends, strangers, family or at work.

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