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20th Century Europe

            This next article made me laugh a little. It was published September 15th, 2003 about a woman who thought that the government was bugging her phones and hacking into her bank account. Ms. Carole Caplin writes a weekly lifestyle column for a small paper called The Mail, she also served as Cherie Blair's personal trainer. She apparently spoke about being accused of being caught in the shower with Mrs. Blair scrubbing toxins off of her body. She had also been photographed sitting at the end of the Blair's bed re-applying her make-up and putting her clothes back on. Mr. Blair stated that the woman who was thought as indispensable is now a liability that he can no longer afford. The papers were calling this the "Cherigate affair-. Ms. Caplin felt that the newspaper and the government had been checking her financial reports after she received a phone call from the bank stating that they had received three phone calls seeking details of payments to her account. Ms. Caplin was known as a ticking bomb who would do anything for self-promotion. Regardless of the Cherigate scandal and other events during Ms. Caplins employment with the Blair's, the relationship between Mrs. Blair and Ms. Caplin was not tainted at all. Mrs. Blair actually tearfully defended her trusted friend in a live television interview. .
             The Sydney Effect is a movement to rebuild rugby stadiums in Europe. Officials feel that this Sydney Effect will more than double crowds attendance over the next ten years. The English First Division Rugby (EFDR) is the governing body for Zurich Premiership clubs in England. The EFDR feels that their 8,300 people per game is nowhere near where the attendance should be. They feel that they should be able to pull at minimum of 16 to 17,000 people per game. Mr. Howard Thomas; the chief executive of the EFDR, bases these predictions on data showing that attendance has grown at 43 percent a year for the last three years.

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