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            In this movie "Babe" there are a lot of racism and .
             prejudice where people are judged by there looks, color of .
             skin, how they talk, eat, background of family, and there age. .
             I'm going to be talking about the parts I saw racism and .
             The dog fly which became Babes mom, first thought that .
             all pigs were stupid and thought they were only to be eaten. .
             Fly also thought sheep's were stupid. Fly thought sheep's .
             needed masters to lead them. But the sheep's thought dogs .
             were stupid wolves. At the end Fly figures out that sheep's .
             aren't stupid after all, and the sheep's finds out the same for .
             Fly and Rex. .
             The duck that thought himself as a rooster picked Babe .
             the pig that was gullible to go in the boss's house and get the .
             alarm clock. The pig does to become the ducks friend. But .
             when things messed up, the duck turns his back on Babe.
             The sheep were afraid of the dogs, Fly and Rex because .
             they thought they were wolves and they had sharp teeth. So .
             the sheep's did whatever the dogs commanded them to do. But .
             when Fly, Babes, mom tell Babe to give it a try and command .
             them the sheep's laughs at Babe because they think that pigs .
             are stupid and thought they were just like the dogs and that .
             they were not harmful. At the end the sheep's realizes that .
             Babe isn't bad and a really smart nice pig, and Fly and Rex .
             were not bad after all either. .
             The things that I have talked about shows Racism and .
             Prejudice. These kinds of things are how people judge another. .
             But you should always get to know them better before you .
             judge the person. Just like the moral, Don't judge a book by .
             its cover. .

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