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Paranormal - fact or fiction

             Whenever we hear talk of ghosts and UFO's we automatically think of the great fiction writers of the 20th century, Stephen King, James Herbert or Dean Koontz, but can what they make such a huge living off be considered an everyday truth or shall we just cast it off into the realms of an over active imagination? Well, this is what I"m here to discuss, the paranormal, fact or fiction? .
             Usually these essays usually start off by stating, "there is no scientific proof of the existence of ghosts." This is on a whole is wrong. There is scientific proof. Science has theories that explain something must be happening beyond what we know and see. We as a society are mostly separated into two different groups, the sceptics or none believers and the open minded of us, this is where I fall. I always have and always will believe in "the things that go bump in the night", my mind will stay open to both sides of the story but I know which side I belong to. I"m not expecting you to believe in the existence of the paranormal, but rather to accept the possibility of its existence.
             Human beings have both electrical and chemical energy in our bodies. We are organically designed to carry our electrically charged brain and nervous systems. When we die our chemical bodies begin to break down and decompose. The organic side returns to wear it came from - energy changing into a different form of energy as Einstein's law says. So what happens to the electrical energy that flows through our brain? It can't simply disappear or fade away out of existence. That would break the laws of science. That energy has to still be somewhere only now it has changed into a different form of energy. What happens to the energy is really determined by personal faith. No one knows exactly what waits beyond this life. What we do know, thanks to science, is that the electrical pulse energy in each human being will always exist because as a rule it "cannot be destroyed.

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