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Daily show

            Many of us watch the Daily Show With Jon Stewart. It's a hilarious show that will always make me laugh and let's face it. It entertaining. It is probably one of my personal most favorites and almost the hottest thing on the media at the moment. Yes my friends, it seems all is well with the Daily Show. You and I both know it will be around for a long time. Who wouldn't get tired of watching the "fake news" . Wait a second . Its fake? .
             Although hard to believe many in the viewers that watch the Daily Show are beginning to actually believe some of the jokes thrown out on the show and turning their heads away from the everyday normal news stations. Are viewers taking this too far? Is the Daily Show going to cause a mass media frenzy that will turn people away from the new of the real world? These are a few of the questions being asked. While intended for a harmless laugh, many seriously do fear that less and less viewers will be informed on what is really going on. They fear that fans will get too sidetracked with this mockery of daily news.
             Now if you have ever watched an episode of the Daily Show you see how the system works. They really don't change the news. But instead take highlights of certain important moments and make them more amusing to the audience. Sometimes they may add in a few sayings at the end of the report, but they never really change or alter the real news. Most people with enough common sense should be able to watch the show, get the real new information from old Johnny, and then understand the joke played out as it were. Unfortunately this world is filled with morons and many people who may not be able to take a joke.
             In my opinion, I do believe that people have made a much bigger deal out of this whole thing. It's an awesome show that people really enjoy. If anything, the show actually encourages me to listen to the news and learn what's going on.

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