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To Kill a Mocking Bird

            In all novels there are certain characters and incidents that help the reader and characters in the book understand the novels purpose. In this novel To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, there are many characters and incidents that help Scout learn more about thelizabeth society she lives in. In particular the Lynch mob, the Ewell family, and Tom Robinson help Scout discover how cruel and ugly the world can be to someone who is a little bit different. They also help her realize that injusticelizabethe, poverty, violence and prejudice influenced most people in Maycomb.
             The Lynch mob help Scout comprehend how corrupt a society could become when violence and hatred is present. For instance the night after Tom Robinson was takelizabethn to the Maycomb jail. A group of men, mostly farmers, directed themselves to the jailhouse. These men were the Lynch mob; they were angered and armed with guns and other weapons. In fact their purpose at the jailhouse was to take care of Tom Robinson, but Atticus stood in their way. When the tension between the Lynch mob and Atticus grew stronger. Scout, Jelizabethm, and Dill ran form their hiding place to Atticus" defense. When Atticus sees the children he begs Jem to take them home, but Jem refuses. Melizabethnwhile Scout recognized Mr. Walter Cunningham and tries to engage him in a conversation, but he refuses to answelizabethr to her. "Hey Mr. Cunningham, how"s your entailment gettin" along." She curiously asked but no answer. "Don"t you remember me, I"m Jean Louis Finch. You brought us some hickory nuts one time, remember i copied this?" She added. Scout succeeds in diffusing the tension by reminding the men that they all are neighbors and friends. By this time has had her first taste of bitterness that this world offers.

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