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Information interview

             My information interview is with a guy name Tom Johnson. He is a partner in a Mortgage Broker Company. He has been in the mortgage business for eight years. Tom is in his early fifty with light gray hair and with an out spooking kind of personality. The interview was set in his big office. The office is decorated with dark cherry wood furniture looks elegant and simple. This room is also face the saddleback mountain; the view of the mountain looks absolutely beautiful. .
             After I introduced myself to Tom, he had me set right across from him. He told me that the company had just move to this location for two years and they were located at Irvine for three years prior. His company's name is ABC Bancorp. He was invite to joint the business by coincidence. He had been in clothing business for more than twenty years. Through out his career, he has always been in sales. He though that the mortgage business is no different, it requires sales skill. He had start from bottom up and put in long hours.
             To be a loan office, it required having a real estate license. A real estate principle course is necessary in order to take a state exam. You may apply for license, once pass the state exam. There will be continuing education within eighteen months after get your real estate license. It does not require a Bachelor degree to get into this field, but it suddenly helps if you have one. It does involve writing formal letters and understanding the program lender has. .
             Good personality is important part of this business. Service is everything in this field; anybody can learn the program and getting good at it. But not every body has good personality. An out going personality and good demeanor is the key. You have to known how to handle client in a nice way but not let they tell you what to do. Honesty is important. A loan officer is handling the largest transaction a person might ever make.

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