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A comparison of E.T. and the New Testament

            Let me start off this review by saying that I've never seen the movie E.
             so I didn't really know what to expect. After watching it, I must say that I was pleasantly .
             surprised. Although this movie was probably intended for children, it will appeal to all .
             age groups because it deals with emotions like isolation, friendship, and love. These .
             feelings are universal and everyone can relate to this movie no matter what type of .
             background you come from.
             After viewing this movie with great scrutiny, I have concluded that E.T. follows .
             the archetypal storyline. The hero, also known as "The Chosen One," goes out on a .
             journey, gains knowledge, makes some new friends, and finally passes some kind of test.
             In my opinion, Steven Spielberg not only uses this pattern, he borrows a couple of key .
             elements from the story of Christ. He updates this ancient story in a very inventive way .
             by using an extra terrestrial to represent Jesus. I think he did a great job by not making .
             the parallels to Christianity too obvious. However, we can still make the connection if .
             we look hard enough.
             In E.T., an alien botanist is stranded on earth and befriended by a boy named .
             Elliot. After he tells his brother and sister of ET's existence, they try to keep him a secret .
             from everyone else. As ET gains experience and becomes more familiar with his .
             surroundings, he tells the children he wants to contact his family by saying, "Phone .
             Home." By this point in the movie, Elliot and ET have formed a symbiotic bond which .
             also links them physically. Eventually ET gets sick and dies, but Elliot's love brings him .
             back to life. The film is brought to a conclusion after a dramatic bicycle chase from the .
             scientists who want to capture ET. After the escape, the spaceship returns for ET and .
             they share a heart felt good bye.
             Although it doesn't seem like there are a lot of similarities between E.T. and the .
             story of Christ, you would be surprised at what you could discover if you knew where to .

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