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The 2nd amendment

            The Second Amendment, along with the other nine Amendments known as the Bill of Rights, was proposed on September 25, 1789. The Bill of Rights was then ratified in December 15, 1791. The Second Amendment is now the source of heated debates over the right to own guns and the constitutionality of gun-control legislation. To date, the Second Amendment remains one of the few rights in the Bill of Rights that hasn't been applied to the states due to the clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. Jefferson's friend, James Madison, masterminded the Bill of Rights.
             People are still having debates on the real intentions of the amendment. Some people believe that it grants everyone to be able to buy and use firearms. Others believe that the framers intended the right to apply only to a collective armed militia. The Second Amendment lacks the concern of an individual right to own a gun. The states continual effort on trying to control access and use of guns indicates these lacks of the Second Amendment. The Federal government came to see public lack of concern to the ownership of firearms as a major threat to national security. For this, they responded by slowly building a standing army and beginning a program to provide guns directly to members of the militia at no cost.
             The court case in the Supreme Court Printz v. United States that was held in 1997 questioned the constitutionally of a provision of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act which was approved in 1993. The Brady Act creates two alternatives to the gun-selling scheme. A dealer may sell a handgun immediately if the purchaser has a state handgun permit issued after a background check, or if state law provides for an instant background check. In States that have not rendered one of these alternatives applicable to all gun purchasers, CLEOs are required to perform certain duties.

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