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Articles of confederation

             The Articles of Confederation was the plan created by John Dickenson for the new national government in America. There were many negative results of the plan, but there were also several positive results. The Articles of Confederation was a positive plan in relation to western lands and economic conditions. .
             From 1785 to 1787, there were several land ordinances passed that would provide for an orderly settlement of the new land the U.S. had received. In 1785, they ordered the national government to do a survey on the land. They would then sell the land and use the money to pay off the war debt. This was an incredibly smart way to earn money; because they were not allowed by the Articles of Confederation to tax the people. In the 1787 North West Ordinance, they needed to figure out an orderly way for these sold territories to become a state. So, they made several rules. In these territories, a group of 5,000 landowning males would make the laws. When there were at least 60,000 people in the territory, then that territory could apply for statehood. Also in these territories north of the Ohio River, slavery was outlawed. These two land ordinances were smart and effective ways from the Articles of Confederation to deal with all the land.
             The economic conditions around the time of the Articles of Confederation were getting serious. There was still severe debt and not to mention other growing debts. Americans had to do something. After Shay's Rebellion and the growing stress of debt, many people decided to make some changes. At the Annapolis Conference of 1787, they were originally going to revise the Articles of Confederation, but they eventually just tossed it all out and started fresh. At this convention, they made several compromises dealing with representation, commerce and trade, slavery, and ratification. Economically dealing with commerce and trade, they decided that congress would be allowed to regulate interstate trade and foreign trade.

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