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            The media in western countries place too much pressure on women to conform to unrealistic expectayions of beauty. The media uses beauty to make money. .
             It is the media in the western world who defines beauty. Beauty should be innocent and precious, it should be ours to mould with our own individual ideals. Instead, we are told what beauty is everytime we turn on the tv, open a bookor walk through a shopping centre. Women are told that beauty equals shinny hair, flauless skin and perfect teeth all while trying to fit into sizez 8-10 clothing. This is abserd. Beauty is a myth anyway. It has no scientific basis what-so-ever, this is because beauty is a perception. There is no universal definition of what it means to be beautiful, so how can the media have the ordasity to try and use this perception for their own benefit? This is not right morally or ethically as the media can profit from womens pain in the unrealistic world of beauty. For the media beauty is a powerful industry. In America alone, billions of dollars are spent in persuit of beauty with the $33 billion a year diet industry, the $20 billion a year cosmetic industry, the $300 million a year cosmetic surgry industry, and the $7 billion a year pornography industry. It could be said that this money circulation is good for the economy so therefore justifiable, and maybe it is good for the economy, but it could never justify unsing womens insecurities as a means of income. .

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