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             It was a remake after Dreamcast ((just like playstation2 made after .
             Playstation1 Gamecube after Nintendo 64 etc)). The Xbox came out 1 full .
             Year after Playstation2 and 2 years after Dreamcast Smashing it out the .
             Competion and giving Playstation2 a fun for its money.
             Who makes the Xbox you ask. The Xbox is made by Microsoft. .
             Microsoft is made by bill gates. So Bill gates made the Xbox but Microsoft .
             Is the manufacture. Microsoft is a major manufacture in the computer world .
             From making Windows to Microsoft word To Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia .
             And the list just goes on and on. With these credentials this makes the Xbox .
             Worth trying.
             Okay how much is this famous "Xbox"". Well now its $179 plus two .
             Controllers and two free games ((back when I bout it was $299 and came .
             With nothing but a controller and the Xbox itself)) which is a pretty good .
             Deal if you're low on cash and on a budget. So lets get this straight Xbox .
             $179, Cost to operate Priceless.
             Okay now you're probably thinking thing Xbox thing is great but what .
             Kind of energy sources dose it use. The Xbox just hooks up in to the back of .
             It self then runs into a wall socket. The is basically all I know on how this .
             Xbox gadget works and operates. Opps I forgot to explain the inside of the .
             Xbox. The inside of the Xbox has a small Intel processor like a computer ((.
             Remember Microsoft dose make the Xbox)) and the Intel processor basically .
             Dose everything.
             This paragraph is an unnecessary one but uses words and takes up space.
             What makes the Xbox better than the ps2 and Gamecube? For one thing the .
             Graphics of an Xbox are 1 billion times better than Atari 1 million better .
             Than Nintendo Five hundred thousand times better than super Nintendo and .
             Sega. Fifty thousand times better than Playstation and Nintendo sixty four.
             One hundred times better than Dreamcast Ten times better Then PS2 and .
             Gamecube. 2 An You can burn Music onto a Xbox then listen to it while .

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