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             In Hermann Hesse's novel Siddhartha, the main character does on a journey to find his inner self. While on his journey Siddhartha sheds his status as the son of a Brahman in order to become a Samana and practice living in self denial and suffering. During his time as a samana Siddhartha meets the enlightened one himself, the Buddha. By the end of the story Siddhartha realizes the one cannot find the meaning of life by focusing on teachings and ideas, because if one were to focus on teachings and ideas they would completely miss what was coming to them. For example if a follower of Buddhism followed the teachings and strived to reach the perfect state they might miss on what the perfect state really is all together. Through his novel Siddhartha, Hermann Hesse explores the philosophy of Buddhism in the title characters search for identity.
             In Indian/Buddhist culture the Brahman is the highest class in the Indian social hierarchy. Siddhartha's father is a very well known Brahman throughout the area and Siddhartha is training to become a Brahman himself. Siddhartha is said by many to have a strong inner spirit and many people look up to him including his best friend Govinda which plays a large part in Siddhartha's life and "spiritual adventure". One day after long hours of meditation Siddhartha decides he cannot find himself by staying at home studying with his father. Siddhartha asks his father if he can join the aesthetic Samanas who practice self denial and believe that in order to gain harmony with everything and everyone they must live a life of pain and suffering. At first, Siddhartha's father refuses to let him leave the but after Siddhartha refuses to move from his spot for two days his father finally relents because he knows that this is Siddhartha's destiny. .
             As a samana Siddhartha learns much about life and his inner self. During his time as a samana Siddhartha and Govinda meet the Buddha himself.

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