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The State Duma In Russia

            The State Duma was introduced to Russia under the terms of the new constitution following a referendum in 1993, the Duma was formed following Presidential decree number 1400 on the 21st September 1993, and this resulted in the congress of people's deputies and the Supreme Soviet being dissolved, the Russian constitution outlines in article 95 that the State Duma shall consist of 450 deputies . .
             The State Duma is the lower chamber of the Federal Assembly and elections were held for the chamber for the first time in December 1993, however the way in which the Federal Assembly was formed could have proved to be controversial because the writers of the new constitution were given the aim of increasing the power of the President while reducing the influence of Parliament, much like the writers of the constitution for the fifth French Republic's constitution. The responsibilities of the Duma are outlined in the Russian constitution, with basic functions being responsible for adopting federal laws, constitutional amendments and federal constitutional laws.
             If these laws are introduced they need to be approved by the Federation council, federal laws are adopted by a simple majority of 226 votes, however in order to alter federal constitutional laws and constitutional amendments a 2/3 majority is needed, the same amount is also needed if the State Duma wish to overrule a Presidential or Federal council veto, Article 105 of the Russian Constitution shows how the legislative side of the State Duma shall function:.
             "Federal laws shall be passed by the State Duma.
             Federal laws shall be passed by a majority of votes of all deputies of the State Duma unless otherwise provided for by the Constitution of the Russian Federation.
             Laws adopted by the State Duma shall be passed to the Federation Council for review within five days.
             A federal law shall be considered passed by the Federation Council if more than half of its deputies vote for it or if within fourteen days it has not been considered by the Federation Council.

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