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The Myth of Cohabiting

             We now live in a day and age where couples cohabit before marriage because they are not in a hurry to make the legal commitment. They believe that by doing this they can test their compatibility and that it would benefit their relationship and/or future marriage. However, studies have been conducted on living together before marriage, which have proven that it can be detrimental to their relationship. In fact, actually living together before marriage may hurt the relationship because it can be argued that one does not focus on the actual commitment of marriage, the romance begins to fade, and (your 3rd point). Apparently, many people still think its better for them as the numbers of cohabiting couples increase every year.
             In the last two decades it has became very common to live together before marriage. This has provided couples with the opportunity to experience the everyday living routine with each other. Based on this view, couples feel that if they can live together and get along out of wedlock then the same must be true for when they do get married. However, this argument only proves that if the couple does get along, meaning that each person behaves and keeps the other happy, they"ll continue the relationship. Otherwise, the relationship should be ended. Couples that live together often decide to marry because their arrangement worked so well that it seems logical to take the next step. When they wear the ring, however, the level of commitment has not evolved to reflect the new status, as the couple still has in their minds the old arrangement. .
             This agreement of cohabiting will not allow the couples to experience the actual commitment of marriage. Marriage is taking care of each other through thick and thin. It's a contract to build their life together under any circumstances they face daily. A newly married couple makes an effort to help and please each other because they know their relationship will be for life.

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