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The Pyramids of Egypt and Ziggurats of Mesopotamia

            Pyramids and ziggurats both provide archeologists with a great deal of information about the ancient cultures that constructed them. When comparing The Great Pyramids of Egypt with The Ziggurats of Mesopotamia, the differences between them are more apparent than the similarities that they share. The two structures actually only appear to be similar. Both have the general form of a pyramid. Some other similarities shared by these two types of structures can be interpreted from the context of the religions of those who had them erected and what role they served for the society. Among the differences are their intended usage, how they were decorated, their designs, and the materials used in their construction. In order to clearly describe how different these two structures are, I have summarized some information about their designs and the materials used to build them. Contrasts in the decorations of the two types of structures are then discussed. The intended uses of these structures then introduces some similarities in relation to the religious symbolism of the structures.
             Considered to be among the greatest wonders of the known world, The Pyramids of Egypt were built with exacting precision from granite blocks. The pyramids of the early dynasties were of a more stepped pyramid form, similar in appearance to the ziggurats of Mesopotamia. Advancements in available technologies and construction techniques in the later dynasties of ancient Egypt allowed for pyramids to be constructed with less of a stepping slop. A pyramid has four triangular sides that come together at point on top. It may sound simple, but the designs of the pyramids represent a complex understanding of mathematical principles, such as trigonometry and the Fibonocci series, by the ancient Egyptians. It is believed that in addition to the mathematical understandings represented in the geometric form of the pyramids, an impressively accurate understanding of the earth is depicted in the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Gizah.

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