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Zigguat - Pyramid

             It is important in modern society to realize the intelligence, labor, and ultimately their dedication to God in our ancient history. In the thousands of years before Christ there were still civilizations that stood strong, loved God, and built creations out of their own ingenuity. Early civilizations that existed in that era were the Ancient Egyptians and Sumerians from historical Mesopotamia. Both were strong empires with similar yet different ideas in what they constructed. However, they seemed to share knowledge of how to use their resources and basic concepts of the earth. The Ancient Egyptians would become best known for the pyramids they built in Giza; which are the only one of the seven wonders of the world still standing. The Sumerians would become known for their ziggurats, especially the Ziggurat at Babylon, which is mention in the book of Genesis. Unfortunately, the ziggurats would not stand up to the passing of time.
             The design of the pyramids, while quite simple, is still unfathomable to modern day society. It is difficult to believe the Egyptians had the geometrical knowledge to shape these structures, especially, the Great Pyramid. For the time period, c. 2560 B.C., not only is the Egyptian knowledge of mathematics astonishing, but also their knowledge of astronomy.
             Looking at the Great Pyramid, the evidence of geometry is apparent, starting with the 751 square foot base. However, the sloping triangles, which were all set at fifty-one degree angles, that each measure four hundred eighty-one feet, is a tremendous example. The pyramids were all created, scientifically, so every triangle side of the pyramid would face each of the four navigational directions; the north face would be the pyramid entrance. .
             The Ziggurat at Ur was also built very early in history, c. 2100 B.C. While it is still remarkable, it doesn't stand up to the Great Pyramid: 481 feet versus 270 feet.

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