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Comparsion of Mesopotamia and Egypt

            The different between ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt:.
             The first civilizations emerged in the Mesopotamia about 3500B.C. It was the oldest known of civilization, although Egypt gave birth to civilization before 3100B.C.
             2. Geography: .
             Mesopotamia landed between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in the Middle East, Mostly included in modern-day Iraq. The insecure borders were constant danger of attack. .
             Egypt was in the North Africa, surrounding by the mountains, seas and deserts. Ancient Egyptian settled themselves along the Nile River which was well protected against foreign invasion.
             3. Agriculture, irrigation:.
             The coincidence of heavy rains and deep snow in Mesopotamia frequently produced disastrous floods that devastated farmlands instead of filling irrigation canals. Their literature is filled with lines like these:.
             The rampant flood which no man can oppose, .
             Which shakes the heavens and causes earth to tremble.
             And drowns the harvest in its time of ripeness.
             Living in this fertile river valley, The pioneer farmer dug shot canals leading from the river channels to their fields. The development of more productive irrigation agriculture gradually increased the food supply. The basic crops were barley and wheat; the milk animals were goats and cows; sheep supplied the wool that was the chief textile fabric of Mesopotamia. The most common vegetables were beans, peas, garlic, leeks, onions, radishes, lettuce, and cucumbers; the fruits included melons, dates, pomegranates, figs, and apples.
             Compared to Mesopotamia, Egypt's annual flooding of the Nile River were predictable, gentle and nationally controlled. The Egyptians viewed their flood god as a god "Whose coming brings joy to every human being." Its agriculture also depended on irrigation canals, .
             4. Transportation:.
             Mesopotamian invented the wheel and developed wheeled vehicles and boats used for transportation although navigation was difficult.

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