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            Asia has been competitive throughout all these years with the rest of the world.
             They are pretty much in par with the rest of the world. No matter in population, agriculture, technology and even different sorts of industries. Creativity, trend and innovation are a very outstanding as a whole as compared to other continents. Taxes are significantly lower in most of the third world countries that are rising in its status in most of Asia. Therefore it will attract many foreign investors to open up business industries to make significant profits. This will help develop Asia and bring the vision of super power into reality. Population in Asia is greater than any other continent in this world. For example, if the world were a village of 1000 people, 584 would be Asian. Asia has gradually raised its status and therefore it should be the super power of tomorrow.
             Different sorts of technology has raised Asia's status. Asians such as the Japanese are well known for their creativity and innovations. Since World War Two the Japanese has drastically rebuild and improved their technology industries. They are known worldwide as one of the top leaders of technology. Both America and Japan are pretty much in par with each other. America is a superpower already, but Japan isn't one yet, making Japan seem more superior. Japanese success comes from hard work, dedication to the company and sharing credit for accomplishments with the work group. Pride in ones work is expressed through competition with other comparable countries. It may be a matter of ideology and practice, after all, Japan wants to make it to the top.
             Asia's culture not only reflects the attitudes and concerns of the present, but also a link to the past. Popular movies, arts, literatures, music, television programs have been developed throughout the years. These are the main cultures that are instilled in many Asian's lifestyle. Noticeably, Asians has improved in all these factors and kept themselves in par with other continents such as America.

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