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Asia Statistics

             For the Asia Statistics Assignment, I chose to research and find out if population is related to unemployment, to phone lines, to Internet service providers. After entering all my data into Microsoft Excel, I set my populations from greatest to least and started from there. When looking at the other three categories, I first thought nothing was even comparable. All the numbers are scattered in no apparent order. Then I realized that there is a resemblance when comparing population and phone lines. The more population the country has, the more phone lines it holds. This does make sense. What didn't make sense at first is when comparing the population to the unemployment rate, there is absolutely no apparent pattern. To find out more about that pattern I would have found a total of each countries profits, and seen if the country with the highest profit, also has the lowest unemployment rate.
             When looking at the four that I chose, Population vs. Phone lines is the only two categories that have a relevant pattern. ISP's and Unemployment rate were and are all at random. When looking at all 4 compared to each other, it says that Asia isn't united in providing a weaker country with what they need. The continent of Asia has much to offer, as well as a very wide spread of wealth as well as poor. In Nepal alone 47% of all people are unemployed. This number is unimaginable from a student who has grown up in the US my whole life.
             When looking at population vs. ISP's, the only real explanation for a low population but a high ISP level would be a very advanced country who has a lot to do with international business and/or communications. That is the only explanation I can come up with. A country with a very high population a high unemployment rate and a low ISP level would mean they are over populated, uneducated, and relatively poor. .
             After looking at all the countries and relating them to each other, the one thing that sticks out to me is they don't have much in common.

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