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Family Conflicts

            Causality comes in play in ever aspect of life, it is a part of life. When applied to interracial relationships, it is the cause of many problems, including family conflicts. This is the way which it works. People in interracial relationships have more things given to them to overcome, as opposed to people within their race having a relationship. An overwhelming part of such relationships is the family conflicts that arise. Where such problems originate from is very distinct . Transition: Parents of interracial couples create discrepancies that, cause major problems, disabandonment, and rejection. .
             I. Parent's initial knowledge of their son/daughter dating a person outside their race, brings about doubt and concern .
             A. Until things become serious, that's when parents put there input, and ultimatums on what should be done next.
             1. Upon meeting "each others' families, interracial couples are made them more aware that their relationship is interracial".(1).
             2. The mere fact of marriage to someone of a different race, upon a parents discretion is grounds for disowning their children.
             B. In turn, rejection from parents adds a great deal of pressure on the couple, left to choose between their significant other or family.
             1. More times than not, interracial couples families, side with their parents point of view. Words such as " if you have respect for me (parent) you will be on my side on the issue" always come about. Which family members see it as an obligation ,and agree with an interracial relationship being wrong. .
             2. Family members, learn traditions from there elder, who feel an interracial marriage, or serious relationship which can lead to a marriage, "is a betrayal of tradition". (2) .
             3. If they have a different language, family members including parents, will talk their own language in front of their husband or wife.

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