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A comparison between Wilfred Owens pomes and the movie "All

             Both writers have much sympathy for the soldiers from WW1 and share the same anger about the politics of the war and how the soldiers where treated and sent out as to there own death and the bitterness that the politicians showed and felt towards the war. .
             Wilfred Owen and the writer of the movie both stress that war is a futile waste of life in both the poem and the movie. For example in the poem "Futility" by Wilfred Owen he has lines, that clearly explain the waste of war such as,.
             "The death of the soldier and the futility of hoping the sun can bring him back to life.".
             In the movie it also clearly shows war is a waste in many ways such as Paul carrying kat, who was dead from the explosion but Paul doesn't know. Also in the bomb hole when he stabs the Frenchman, and then speaks his mind by saying that they could have been best friends, and that all this war has done is changed that and made them enemies,.
             "We could have been brothers, but they don't want us to know that.".
             The poems and movie both show that the authorities treated the soldiers like disposable counters in both poem and film. For example in the poetry of Wilfred Owen he has many lines that clearly show the way the authorities treated men such as the poem "The parable of the old man and the young" it tells of a man who slew his own son and tells why he did so,.
             "But the old man would not so, but slew his son. And half the seed of Europe, one by one.".
             In the movie the authorities didn't know the amount of soldiers that were killed, all they knew was how to send more men into war, all they wanted was to win, they were too proud. They also had no resent for the soldiers. Another example was one of the trainers at boot camp, Himlid Stoch was so tough and proud to train the soldiers to go to war, not releasing the things they would be facing until he got sent off to war, eventually he released how awful the conditions were and what they had to face.

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