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The govt in the uk

            Explain why the executive is so able to dominate parliament in the British political system.
             Many factors contribute to the executive being able to dominate parliament so effectively. The main features being patronage, the whips, party loyalty and tradition, poor resources for those who are suppose to scrutinise government, the power of dissolution and the weaknesses of the lords. .
             The whip and patronage are two of the most important reasons for dominance because the executive appoints ministers and mp's therefore those who are un-established will not want to jeopardise their chances or promotion. Being on a committee and extensively scrutinising the man/woman of whom your political future lies with is not a good way to progress. The pm plays on this and demands loyalty and for those up and coming to obey the whips. However once appointed they still do not perform their criteria effectively and feel the need to show gratitude and loyalty to the pm for appointing them. This causes mp's not to disagree with their parties as it can be damaging to their careers. As loyalty is highly regarded this is a good way forward as it makes the party united. The whips take control and demand loyalty from mp's in the commons and those on committees. Having this influence allows the pm to have and easy ride because during many processes of scrutiny the pm will enjoy the comfort ability of not being embarrassed. Poor resources for methods of scrutiny are a reason why the executive dominates parliament. They have limited funds and little access to statistics making it hard for them to perform well enough to properly scrutinise government. The whips also function in the lords doing the same thing to peers. The payroll vote is also a reason why the pm dominates parliament because those who disagree with government within a party face dismissal, providing government with the image of a united front, creating dominance.

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