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Scientific Innovation - Cloning

             For this assignment I decided to research the pros and cons of one of the newer scientific innovations out there, which is cloning of humans and animals. This has been a very hot topic of recent discussion.
             First off what is cloning? Cloning is defined as making genetically identical copies of a single cell or organism. The possibility of cloning humans first surfaced in 1960 after the report that a salamander had been cloned. Forty years later Dolly the sheep was cloned in Scotland. Sheep like pigs are closely related to humans, so the speculation once talked about time ago is finally here. Much talk in the news brought out fears and ethical issues about the possibility of human cloning.
             The first and possibly most affecting argument in favor of cloning is as a way to help couples who cannot conceive a child naturally. There are many couples is the world in which one or both of the individuals is unable to naturally donate their genes for the purpose of procreation. However, through cloning, these people would have a chance to give birth to a child that is genetically related to them. This, too many people, is more desirable than raising an adopted child or using sperm and eggs from an unrelated donor. This way the parents will be relieved and assured that their genes will be passed on to future generations.
             The next argument points out other very important medical benefits that could be obtained through cloning technology. It is possible through cloning to grow "spare parts" to be used in organ transplants. Once the cloning of a cell has been done and the cell has begun to divide it does not necessarily have to grow into an entire person. Through related techniques the cells could be controlled so that they only develop into specialized cells or even complete organs. For example, a heart or a kidney could be grown outside of the body to be used in organ transplants without fear of rejection from the recipient's body, eliminating the need for anti-rejection drugs.

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