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Now And Then Loneliness

            As the sun rises, a new day begins and we get up to welcome the new day. All through the day we work, talk to other people, listen to music or draw pictures. However, all these attempts to communicate leave something behind. We cannot always get our feelings, ideas or experiences across exactly. Therefore, at the end of the day many people go to bed feeling lonely.
             Loneliness is a feeling of emptiness inside you. You feel that you cannot communicate with the people you would like to have contact with. Some people are better at dealing with their loneliness. For them loneliness is a feeling that visits them when they do not have much contact with others. For others, loneliness is like a shadow that follows them all the time even in their dreams. I think loneliness is universal and it is inescapable. It visits most people at some time in every culture, every race, every class, every age, and at all times in human history. Loneliness was and still is a very important issue in people's lives.
             Of course, it is impossible for me to talk about the theme "loneliness- before the 21st century as I am not old enough. However, John Steinbeck's novel Travels with Charley' is a portrait of the life in America in 1960s. Touring America with his dog Charley, Steinbeck tries to rediscover his country and reflect the loneliness of people on the characters he meets during his trip. Having established a luxurious life, American people were expected to be happy and satisfied with their lives. Nevertheless, loneliness was a serious problem all through the country. America can symbolize the western world and analyzing Steinbeck's novel one can show how lonely people felt in the 1960s. .
             There is a small but important difference between aloneness' and loneliness'. .
             "To be alone is to be by oneself. You may or you may not feel lonely when you are alone, but the only important condition for being alone is that there is no one else around you.

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