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Roger Williams

            Roger Williams was a powerful man in the New England Region of Colonial America. His beliefs and actions change the course of history, as we know it. For instance, he is the founder of Rhode Island. .
             In the year 1603, Roger Williams was born in England. He had an education from Cambridge, and also took Anglican orders. He became part of the Puritan following and in 1631 sailed to the Massachusetts Bay Colony. In this colony, he did many things, which includes becoming a teacher in 1632 and a minister of the Salem church in 1634. .
             The religious beliefs and political theories of Roger Williams were ahead of his time. He thought the church was separate from the government and he challenged that the Massachusetts colony charter wasn't valid. The Puritan oligarchy and General Court of Massachusetts Bay Colony banished him in 1635. .
             The next spring Williams purchased a piece of land from the Indians that would become Providence. Providence was a democratic refuge from religious persecution, because Providence was liberal they attracted settlers from England and Massachusetts. .
             From the years of 1638 to 1640, three new towns had popped up in Williams's settlement. They were Portsmouth, Newport, and Warwick. Then in 1643, Williams had gone to England to acquire a charter stating that the four cities in his settlement were apart of Rhode Island. Unfortunately in 1651, a fellow by the name of William Coddington had secured a commission annulling the patent. Nevertheless, Roger Williams did renew the charter and made sure it was not annulled again. .
             In the year of 1654, Williams was elected the president of the Rhode Island Colony, he served three terms total. He was close with the Indians, and that prevent any misfortunes between the two. However, he couldn't prevent the outbreak of King Phillips War. The war was in 1675 thru 1676, and he served as a captain of the militia for the two years.

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