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Stress Health and Wellbeing

            Stress is defined as a state of tension that forces you to adapt or change behavior, mental state. Coping with stress entails adjustment balancing your own needs against demands placed on you. Stress can be good as well as bad for an individual. Eustress which motivates and excites us is good stress and bad stress such as: anxiety, fear, anger is called Distress. Negative stress can led to health problems if we let our fear, anxiety, and anger consume our lives. The videotape Stress Health and Well Being depicts the lives of three persons suffering from the onset of stress related health problems. The lives of these three people are somewhat intertwined through the experiences they go through and how stress plays a role in their illness. Doctor Pink is a survivor of a heart attack, Dillion has migraines, and there is a lady who is a recovering breast cancer patient. They all share a common family history of their illness and in trying to find steps toward recovery, Dr. Pink's grandmother's both suffered heart attacks along with his mother at the age of fifty-eight, Dillion's grandaunts both suffered from migraines, and the lady recovering from breast cancer mother died from cancer. This paper is an attempt to show how the material viewed in the video applies to chapters 7" 9,and 4 of Understanding Motivation and Emotion. .
             Choice, new information, and feedback are the first three applications to be applied to the video from chapter seven. In the video Dr. Pink, Dillion, and the lady recovering from breast cancer have made the choice between two alternatives, that of staying ill or seeking help. The choice between the two alternatives is easy as the merits of getting well far outweigh the merit of its rival. New information is also helpful to Dr. Pink, Dillion, and the lady recovering from breast cancer. They were all exposed to information that contradicted their beliefs and opinion.

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