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Lives of the Saints

            The meaning of the word suffering is rooted deeply inside one that is experiencing it. Whether it is feelings of pain, great sorrow, or undergoing pregnancy, suffering is pain of mind and body alike. Christina suffers because of her actions, and she also causes her father to suffer. He looses his status in the village and his grandson, Vittorio, is the final impact of all the suffering caused by the grown-ups. In Lives of the Saints, suffering is the main theme that centres upon Christina, Grandfather, and Vittorio through the gossips of the villagers and their superstitions about life. .
             Through her actions, Christina is the causation of suffering that is inflicted on her family members, and suffers through it as well. Christina commits adultery and this selfish act brings upon her suffering and her father's, and her son's. Valle Del Sole is a village of gossip and superstitions, therefore the news of Christina being pregnant spread like wild fire on crude oil. People look at her as if she's "a common whore" (p. 144). The villagers isolate themselves from the Innocente family, and don't speak to Christina. They are suspicious of Christina being bitten by a snake. Snakes in Valle Del Sole are considered agents of the evil eye, and would bring misfortune and bad luck to the town. Like Christina's friend Giuseppina says, "I warn you, Cristi, you"ll bring a curse on everyone around you." (p. 57) Therefore, Christina withdraws herself "into a shadowy silence." (p. 74) Christina does her best to endure hypocrites of the village until she leaves for America. But her suffering doesn't end there. Christina's first impression on .
             the ship is considered being the captain's affair by the captain's wife, since Christina has the privilege to be in the room reserved only for the captain's "friend." Later on, the ship runs into a storm which causes Christina to deliver her baby early. The birth is successful, but due to too much blood loss, she dies.

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