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Free Education in America

             Many people in this world live their lives not knowing how to read and write. In America, citizens have the equal opportunity to an education through public schooling. Our nation would not get far if only the rich were educated and the poor left on the streets. People are very fortunate in America because other countries have different types of governments, which do not allow people of lower class to have and education. America would be very different if the people did not have access to a public education. .
             America has said to be the land of opportunity. People from foreign countries migrate to the US. People like my dad came here from the Philippines seeking to live a better life. My father attended high school in Iowa for 2 years, then returned to the Philippines and finished college there. He came back after college because the job availability in the Philippines was at a minimum. He also believed that he would make more money working in America. I know in the Philippines, many people aren't educated and living on the streets. The government does not provide the public to a free education; only allowing the rich to pay for a good education. .
             I attended both private and public schools. Private schools differ tremendously to public schools. Private schools have a more strict conservative philosophy towards their students. They give an assignment, have it studied, and turned in on time. If it is not turned in on time or not turned in at all, the student will be punished. Private schools are not lenient. In the other hand, public schools have more liberal ways of education. I know through experience that if I did not turn in an assignment, it would be my own fault and I would not be punished for the missing assignment. Private schools push their students to do well and succeed, while public schools focus on the students to motivate themselves.
             America has given us the chance to get an education through public schools.

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