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Are There Others

            Over many years there have been many mysteries about extra terrestrials and unidentified flying objects, UFO's. The main question we have now is-Do these wonders really exist? Or are they just figments of our imagination? Maybe the thoughts of these should be kept secret or, should they be expressed? Well, actually they've been expressed already by many.
             It's been half a century since the first UFO sighting and ever since then reports have spilled in from various countries and places world wide.
             Most of the UFO sightings come from military bases, or Air force grounds, the students and attendants here are usually the reporters for such things, so can we just say they"re crazy? But we weren't actually there so how would we know if they weren't just aimed for attention. You know, they could be, although sightings aren't the only things that give us proof, but things that have been on earth almost since the beginning of time.
             Such things include the great pyramids of Egypt. One of the less thought of theories was of an interbred between Extra Terrestrials and humans that created more advanced civilizations which made it more simple to do these type of things. Because some great things like Stonehenge in England, or the Mayan temples don't seem like they could be built by humans alone.
             One more mystery is crop circles. Pictures and photographs have been taken of these patterns in corn and wheat fields. People who believe in E.T's claim it may be a sort of mapping, others aren't sure.
             Yes, some of these things seem to be believable, but still there are the people that don't think any of these things make the slightest bit of sense.
             Some people believe things like Stonehenge were built before the universe "Expanded". They say that we've come up with so much knowledge in 100 years it doesn't seem possible the old civilizations didn't have machinery, maybe this stuff was lost along with knowledge when the universe may have collapsed, then it expanded again with new civilizations.

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