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Knightly Virtues

             Knightly Virtues .
             Knights are very admirable because they have many qualities that can help you out throughout your life. Some qualities that would be positive to have would be qualities like honesty, bravery and morality. Bravery is a very important quality to have as it helps you overcome challenges.
             Many things can be overcome and obstacles toppled if you have bravery within yourself. A reason that I think I exemplify bravery is because I am not afraid of the dark. While some people of my age still sleep with the light on, afraid of what "hides under the bed" I have overcome my fear of the dark and now sleep in it. Another reason that I think I show bravery is that I like to play goalie in any sport. This can be scary for some people because things are flying at you very hard and sometimes they hurt but I am not afraid anymore, as I have taken enough punishment to know that "what does not kill me only makes me stronger". Also I stand up for my friends no matter what is going on or who is picking on them. Other things that show that I am brave is that while other people are waiting in the winds I go ahead and break the ice on new things that other people would be afraid to try. Honesty is also another virtue that would be great to have.
             Honestly honesty in my books is one of the key ingredients to success in any venture of life. I believe that I show that I am honest in many ways. When the teacher asks me if anything happened while she was gone or what my opinion on something was I tell her the truth because I can see that it matters to her. Also when I am around my friends I do not try to act like anything I am not because the only way to become friends with someone is to take off your mask and show them the real you. Also when I get into trouble and the teacher asks what happened I always tell the truth because two wrongs don't make a right. Being moral is also something that is admirable about knights.

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