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             chivalry in sir gawain and the green knight.
             During the Middle Ages, knights lived their lives following the chivalric code. In an.
             essay, define the chivalric code and prove how Gawain , in "Sir Gawain and the Green.
             Knight", is both a laudation and a condemnation of the chivalric code.
             The code of chivalry is a collaboration of virtues including loyalty, honesty,.
             courteousness, obedience, chastity, prowress, courageosness, valor, and truthfulness. .
             When a Medieval man becomes a knight, he vows to follow the code of chivalry. This.
             code evolved from the values of the Christian religion and exemplifies perfection to the.
             utmost extremesA knight abiding by these rules does not fight for man, but for mankind,.
             an ideal, or an abstraction, including fighting for women.
             Sir Gawain is known as the epitome of chivalry. He abides by the chivalric code at.
             all times. Gawain carries a sheild with a pentangle on the front and a picture of Mary on.
             the back. The pentangle itself represents Gawain's character and his beliefs by.
             representing strength, chivalry, Christianity, joy, and faultlessness. The author states:.
             The five of the five fives followed by this knight.
             Were beneficence boundless and brotherly love.
             And pure mine and manners, that non might impeach,.
             And compassion most precious--these peerless five.
             Were forged and made fast in him, formost of men.
             The chivalric hero rarely fights in defense of man, but mostly for defense of.
             mankind, an ideal, or an abstraction. Sir Gawain steps up to the Green Knight to defend.
             the chivalry of King Arthur's court when the embarrassed king attempts to participate in.
             the Green Knight's game, a game in which the king had no place to play. He obeys his.
             knightly code of honor, loyalty, courage, valor, and courtesy by volunteering and by using.
             the most courteous words to release Arthur of this knightly duty. Gawain says:.
             I am the weakest, I wot, and the feeblest of wit, .
             And it will be the less loss of my life if ye seek sooth.

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