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What can art do?

            In fact, in earlier times the word art referred to any useful skill.
             metalworking, medicine, agriculture, and even warfare were all once classified .
             as arts. They were equated with what are today called the fine arts--painting, .
             sculpture, music, architecture, literature, dance, and related fields. In that .
             broader sense art has been defined as a skill in making or doing, based on true .
             and adequate reasoning. In brief, art has been only neither a kind of study nor .
             worked for special people in the meaning of the vast of majority.
             We can see that the arts have been a tool that represented the living of mankind .
             and the civilization from the long time ago. It reflects and shows the history and .
             the culture at the time. For example, Namjun Baik who is the pioneer of the .
             genre-Video art created a new genre with the development of mass media and .
             communication. He points out the violence of huge mass media power and tries .
             to harmonize between people and civilized tools. With his masterpieces, we are .
             able to realize the other side of the shield against the benefits from mass media, .
             and know the massages from the works.
             Moreover, the art affects to the economy enormously via the traditional usage. .
             From the papers, magazines and industrial design, the arts affect many fields. .
             No more is it strange that an outstanding designed and well-advertised product .
             is sold well. That is, art occupies and enhances its influence to the whole of .
             Therefore, the art has regarded upon itself as a tool of communication and .
             mirrored the style of human being and even by the economy. However, as for .
             the basic and major function of the art is that our lives could be much happier .
             with the influence of art surely. When we paint or appreciate art, we think about .
             the aesthetic features and emotional aspects of the work of art.
             Art can calm and comfort us. With the former reason, art therapy is paid .
             attention to a kind of remedy.

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