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Musical Taste

            With so many styles of music constantly evolving, listeners have an eclectic diversity of choices. It can often be observed that in each social group members identify with each other through similar music preferences. Correlations between musical preference and social interaction can be seen by the large number of industries that market styles of clothing based on the artists and genres of music that have created these styles. J. Lo fans enjoy a line of clothing made especially for them, while fans of punk rock may choose to adorn themselves with patches. Listeners who prefer the same kinds of music are thus given a visual way of expressing their preference, and an aid in identifying those who share their choices. While the members of the same group may dress and behave in like manners, there are additional factors that could contribute to why they chose that type of music in the first place. A survey was given out to the Tuesday/Thursday History of Rock class questioning each student's three favorite songs and three least-favorite songs. Each survey also asked several questions pertaining to physical qualities such as eye color, height, culture, birthplace, gender, and occupation. After the results had been tabulated a raw data table was composed to show each category of information. .
             Eye color, height, birthplace and culture were among the factors that I analyzed. Several consistencies connecting these factors to musical preference were found. Lists were made, choices were graphed, and general conclusions were formed from the raw data given. Throughout the process of thoroughly comprehending the data, a plethora of unprecedented information was discovered and sorted. Where it was once thought that solely personality and background factored into musical tastes, it is can now be proven that eye color and birthplace may play a role.
             This study is pertinent to the music industry of today, because an important part of marketing is for the producer to be aware of its consumers' demographics.

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