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Significance of Musical Score in the Film Gladiator

            The significance of musical scoring in the film Gladiator.
             Over the years, motion pictures have evolved into great artistic masterpieces. .
             And in the process, the complexity associated in the production of these films has often required a dramatic musical underscore to assist in creating an emotional atmosphere. .
             Now becoming a standard in filmmaking, this relationship between music and mood was flawlessly demonstrated in the film Gladiator (Ridley Scott, 2000). His use of professionally composed orchestral music, compounded with exceptionally graphic and realistic scenes, and created an overwhelming and immensible feeling of emotion, which the film could not have achieved with images alone.
             In the production of Gladiator, Scott called upon the talent of a German-born musician named Hans Zimmer to perform the tedious and difficult task of scoring the film. Hans Zimmer was born in Germany in 1957 and is a well-known musician throughout the world. He is best known for his ability to integrate the use of computers, digital synthesizers, and traditional orchestra music for film and television with a "punch." Zimmer used this unique skill to produce scores for numerous films and TV shows, eventually earning his spot as a top foreign producer. With the help of his friend .
             Stanley Myers, the two composed the 1985 box office hit "My Beautiful Launderette," which won Best Picture Evening Standing Awards. He then went on to compose music for the 1988 foreign film "A World Apart," which ultimately led to his recognition in the .
             United States. As a result, he was selected to complete the musical project for the film .
             "Rain Man," which starred Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. It was the success of this film that would lead the future for an extremely unique and talented individual who has since produced musical scores for at least 70 films. Some of these films include, Driving .
             Miss Daisy, Crimson Tide, The Lion King, Mission Impossible 2, Hannibal, and Pearl .

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