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Codes of influence

            Through out the history Iraq, struggle among political breakdowns and centralization has been reflected on the society. By way of fights among cities and tribes over the much needed fertile soils located in the flatlands of the river valleys. When governmental power overlooked to keep the land watered suitably, land then fell into neglect and became useless. Shortly following, wondering tribes pillaged established residences for valuables and rare agricultural supplies. This in turn was a great cause for many battles to take place. .
             War is nothing new to Iraq, from the very beginning there has been struggles with people either in cities or in tribes. Much of these struggles can be traced to a loose form of governmental system that ruled at the time, also environmental factors including availability of fertile soil. Many generations in Iraq have had many complicated issues to deal with. .
             Some of the earliest people of Iraq were the Assyrians. These people were branded as warriors due to the many battles fought on the land. Many different societies and cultures flourished, and then failed on the Land of .
             Iraq. This I believe is influenced from an unstable government and unreliable climate conditions. .
             The Sumerian society had flourished but then failed, and the people of Iraq were brought together by one of the most significant people to come out of the world. King Hammurabi of Babylon in around 1800 BC had changed the name of the country to Babylonia. Hammurabi was the sixth king of the Babylonian Dynasty. He then ruled a vast area taking most of the Euphrates/Tigris river basin from Sumer and the Persian/Arabian Gulf. Hammurabi expanded his kingdom north throughout the Euphrates and Tigris River valleys and west to the shoreline of the Mediterranean Sea.
             King Hammurabi furthered his advances under a central government at Babylon. The King dedicated his times to defending his land and developing the internal wealth of the kingdom.

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