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Napoleons Influences

             Napoleons Contributions and Legacies.
             His influences ranged from art to education. He also influenced politics, religion, and the military. Napoleon was a great military leader and a great politician, as well as one of the greatest and most fascinating figures in European history. Napoleon's influence is especially evident in France. Even today his legacy can be seen around Paris, one of them being the Arc de Triomphe which he had built to commemorate his victories. In France's government, you can still see his influences because the country's basic law is still the Napoleonic Code, which was a list of simplified new laws. The administrative and judicial systems are also still fundamentally Napoleonic. Napoleon set up a national bank, introduced a simplified court system, centralized state schools and opened many careers to the talented . He won many rights in the Revolution, such as equality before the law and freedom of religion.
             Napoleon conquered many countries and gave power to many of his relatives. In all the new kingdoms created by the emperor, the Napoleonic Code was established as law. Feudalism and serfdom were abolished, and freedom of religion established (except in Spain).
             Education was greatly improved under Napoleon's rule. Schools were put under centralized administration, and free public schools were established. Higher education was opened to everyone who qualified, no matter what class or religion. Every state had an academy or institute for the promotion of the arts and sciences. Scholars (especially scientists) were encouraged to study by receiving incomes.
             One of Napoleon's legacies is the art and architecture already mentioned (Arc de Triumphe). Napoleon was especially interested in architecture, and most of the buildings he built had a classical inspiration. In addition to the Arc de Triomphe, Napoleon was responsible for the Bourse, the facade of the Chamber of Deputies, several fountains, four bridges, the Vendome Column, and the courtyard and the Rivoli wing of the Louvre.

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