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Napoleon Bonaparte

             From 1799 to 1814, France was in the hands of a keen military.
             Napoleon was one of history's greatest.
             leaders. He realized he was the only one to end civil dispute in France, in.
             order to create unity. Napoleon saw himself as a man of destiny. The glory.
             of war and the empire he wanted to create was irresistible. For years he.
             went from victory to victory, but in the end of his reign he was destroyed.
             by his own restless ambition to take over Europe.
             Napoleon Bonaparte was born on August 15th, 1769. He started school.
             at the age of ten at the College d'Autun. But that didn't last too long.
             Four months later he entered the Brienne Military School. Napoleon excelled.
             in this school and he was later recommended to the Military School at Paris.
             Napoleon as a boy was hot tempered, combative, and aggressive. He.
             was made out to be a military leader. At the Academy of Brienne, when the.
             other students played soldier, he usually became the commander.
             Tragically in 1784, his father died, leaving Napoleon at the age of.
             fifteen without a role model and a guide. But Napoleon was a hard worker.
             and he became self-motivated. After only of one year in the Military School.
             of Paris he graduated instead of the normal two or three years. Napoleon.
             was then assigned as a second lieutenant to an artillery regiment.
             A year later he returned home for the first time in eight years.
             His visit would last two years, leaving him from his regiment in France.
             While home in Corsica he wrote a reply to the Corsican aristocrats who had.
             attacked the Revolution. He organized a local pro-Revolutionary militia.
             Then Napoleon got himself elected as second in command of a battalion of.
             Corsican volunteers. The Revolution changed the status of Corsica, giving.
             Corsicans all the rights of Frenchman. This change helped Napoleon think.
             more like a Frenchman.
             In 1791, Napoleon was promoted to first lieutenant and sent to.
             another regiment. But he took leave and returned home once more.

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