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The Rise and Fall of Napoleon

            When discussing great military leaders, a name that is often brought up is Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon has been entitled a number of names from "The Antichrist," (http://www.revelationofjohn.com/Revel42.html) to "The Greatest General Ever," in Paul Hiferink's Internet site, The Napoleon Bonaparte Internet Guide. His strategic abilities and aggressive nature led Napoleon gave him an astoundingly powerful army. He was the only man since Alexander the Great, to control almost the entire continent of Europe. Napoleon's reign of power is justly separated into three parts: his rise to domination, his reign, and his fall.
             As a young soldier Napoleon helped his family flee the hateful riots and cannon blasts of his birthplace Ajaccio, Corsica, little did he know what the future would reveal. Napoleon Bonaparte was raised to the rank of Captain in 1792. Because of his extensive military training and impeccable strategic ability, he was selected for the honorable position of Chief of Artillery Toulon. After an astounding and glorious victory, he was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General. Soon after, he was made Army General and forcefully commanded the Italian Army. He crafted a plan to end the trade between Egypt and Britain. While Napoleon sent his troops into Egypt, Horatio Nelson, a British Admiral, followed him and destroyed Napoleon's army. Fearless, he transformed the .
             Egyptian government and law, eradication serfdom, and feudalism and promising basic rights to all.
             Meanwhile, Austria and Russia began to ally with Britain to engage in combat with France. Napoleon deserted what was left of his army and proceeded to help protect France. The French looked upon Napoleon as a war hero, a liberator, and an exemplarily military strategist.
             "Napoleon Crossing The Alps" painted by Louis David.
             Napoleon was crowned emperor in 1804 and began extreme changes in Europe. Although some say Napoleon's reign was a downfall in history, others consider it a blessing.

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