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Napoleon Bonaparte Essay

            The portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte that I chose to analyze depicts Napoleon seated upon his throne. This work of art was done by Appiani the Elder, and was created during the era of Napoleon's reign over France. Looking at the clothing and posture of the man sitting in the painting suggests that he is of great importance and is very wealthy. The crown which rests under Bonaparte's hand also hints that he is a monarch of some country or province. The tones and shading used in this painting show Napoleon as regal and well mannered. Even through the painting you can feel the air of royalty and self-confidence. Also, the detail used in this drawing is extraordinary. If you look at the painting, it's almost as if it were a photo. The designs and patterns on Bonaparte's clothes were very thoroughly drawn, and life leaps from the painting. A sceptre is worn in Napoleons sash, and this reinforces the fact that he is indeed a monarch. If you didn't know anything at all about Napoleon's past, you would never have guessed that he was once a poor soldier. The impressive and striking depiction of Napoleon is almost intimidating. His rigid back and high chin seem to say "Look at me and be awed". Looking at the painting would indeed awe almost anyone. This is a man who came from nothing, and used all of his abilities to become the Emperor of France. That's not a feat that just anyone can brag about. Napoleon was a man of poise and self-belief. He had the power to inspire his troops and intimidate his enemies. Truly this had to be a powerful man. Once Bonaparte said, "Power is my mistress". That quote seemed to basically summarize his personality as a man who was power hungry. Napoleon was capable of almost anything, such as taking over the world, which he almost did. Appiani the Elder was able to capture all of Napoleon's attributes and put them on canvas. To summarize, the way in which the artist painted this masterpiece compliments Napoleon Bonaparte as a man of power, intelligence, and wealth.

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