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France in the Era of Liberalism

             Liberalism is a kind of a political doctrine, which supports and enhances the freedom of an individual and the equality of a nation. During the Age of Enlightenment, liberal movement became a very popular notion amongst certain groups (Bourgeoisie), and individuals in the western world, thus promoting major events during this time as the French revolution. Basically it's a movement, which opposes absolute monarchy, state religion, Divine right of Kings, hereditary privilege etcetera, though most of its doctrines are fixed on freedom, liberty and fraternity.
             The philosopher John Locke has been said to be the founding father of liberal movements, he believed every individual should have the right to liberty, life and property. Liberalism spread all over the world and approaching the 19th century, liberal governments were established in various parts of the world. And during the 20th century, liberalism was on the winning side in both world wars I and, II. Even as of today, liberalism continues to yield power and have great influence throughout the world. In this essay I will discuss how during this era France after a destructive time of the revolution once again flourished economically and was able to gain advancement militarily. I will also look at how the relation between the French and Germans came to a conflict and German unification being promoted indirectly by the French, the domestic policies in France during this time. This era of liberalism took a major toll in foreign affairs, thus creating an atmosphere of alliances, which we discover later to be of relevant importance to France and the rest of Europe.
             Liberalism in France.
             France underwent two revolutions in 1848. The first was, in February, and it was led by the bourgeoisie who desired governmental reform. Middle classes and workers cooperated in Paris, but, for the first time, the Socialists made clear demands (Raymond.

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