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Athletes and Public servan salaries

            Is it fair that professional athletes earn such high salaries compared to public servants? Should football and basketball players earn more money than nurses and firefighters? This is a big debate question that involves the society today. Entertainment and public services can not be compared, but which career should earn a higher salary? It is not fair for professional athletes to earn higher salaries than public servants because it sends a wrong message out to adolescents, public servants attend school for long periods of time, and there is also a shortage of public jobs at this time.
             First of all by athletes earning more money than public servants sends the wrong message out to students in high school and college. This makes students strive at their sports and entertainment ability, rather than striving for a better education. Many students have good potential in various sports and there are several recruiters waiting for them right out of high school. In this industry some students make it and several do not, so therefore education is more vitally important to fall back on.
             Second of all, public servants attend school for long periods of time to make a good career. Many of our public servants require extensive training and schooling, which could become costly. For this reason there should be some type of compensation and benefits for the individuals that invest their hard work and dedication. Without these true Americans our world would not be what America is today.
             Last but not least, there is a big shortage on public service jobs these days. Everyday we lose someone who is just helping America by doing their job. Firefighter, soldiers, and other public servants risk their lives daily in order to make America a safe and prosperous country that it is today. During September 11th, firefighters risked their lives by doing their job in order to save other people. This incident caused many deaths to Americans who were just doing their job.

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