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Different ideas of justice

            Justice is the upholding of what is just, especially fair treatment and due reward in accordance with honour, standards, or law . According to this definition, justice is based on three main factors: honour, standards and law. Standards are values that are expressed throughout society, while honour is associated with respect and doing "what is right". The law is the guiding factor in many countries if there is an issue of justice, however, in some cultures law, honour, and standards are the same thing. When these values are refined to the culture of origin, justice can be served honestly. Problems occur, however, when different ideas of justice clash.
             Depending on the gravity and the situation of the crime, punishments in Muslim culture may include: stoning to death, crucification, amputation of hand or foot, or banishment from the community. Stoning and crucification are used only for crimes committed against the state or the community. Taqteel is the Arabic word for these two punishments, meaning, "to kill in a very painful manner". .
             The article "British migrant jailed for killing "wilful" daughter " outlines some of the differences between Kurdish and English justice. The father believed he was acting with honour and following the correct standards of his culture and he also asked for the punishment of his culture. .
             Historically, under communists the rights of the individual were subordinated to the state. Russians charged with a crime were brought shackled into the courtroom and were 99.5 per cent of the time, convicted. The prisoner was placed into a steel cage, thus already placing a guilty label on his or her head. The general population did not trust the courts to be guided by the law and it was common knowledge that judges were being payed off to give larger sentences. The introduction of the jury system is a step towards the elimination of corruption in the Russian justice system.

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