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Position Paper

             Some say that this last war our nation fought, and in a way is still fighting, is just another Vietnam War. There are definitely some striking similarities between Iraq and Vietnam, but there are differences as well. .
             Vietnam was a war of politics. Kennedy was drawn into this war not because the U.S. was in immediate danger, but because he was scared of communism. He was trying to keep the communist Chinese and Viet Cong from taking over the entirety of the small nation and threatening surrounding nations. It was to prevent the spread of communism basically. This was coined the "Domino Theory" and he sold it very well the public. Our president was supported early on by the American people at the time. This war was supposed to be a short war and we weren't supposed to stick around long. Our troops, however, were there almost a decade, long after the American citizen support was gone. During this war in Asia an American presidential election came about and an important topic for the candidates was getting out of the war. The war contained news media that set unprecedented records on in depth coverage. The current war with Iraq and Saddam resembled Vietnam with the above statements. "Iraqi Freedom" was another political extravaganza. Bush and our government didn't like Saddam, for multiple reasons. So, they said this war was necessary because Saddam harbored terrorists, he was building a nuclear weapons program, and he was mistreating his people while in harsh dictatorship control. This fight was going to rid the world of Saddam himself, and this bitterness between Saddam and America isn't something recent: it dates back years to the previous Bush administration. Saddam has been a match in the shoe of our presidents for a long time. It is just than now we got the gall to go and do something about him, meaning we found an excuse no matter how legit it may be. At the beginning polls were showing the public gave Bush a high approval rate, but soon after the war continued on long after the president had estimated the ratings for support went down.

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